Looking to get pregnant quickly?

Once you’ve tried a couple of months it begins to feel like YOU ARE NEVER GONNA GET PREGNANT.

Well, here is a regime that has worked for me 2 times now.


I started taking Inositol 650 mg and 1080 mg of black cohosh on 2/18/16.

Every day I took this- along with folic acid.


Starting showing signs of ovulation on 3/4 had sex that day – on 3/14 got a faint positive test and 3/17 got positive on a digital test (didn’t use first morning urine) 12874498_10207261071018585_1272931136_o

CD 11—- cycle# who knows anymore :(

Period came on Dec. 19th heavy. I’m scheduled for a laparoscopy to see if I have any endo polyps that needs to be removed again. I’m beyond frustrated.

Back on BCPs until they do the lap and more bloodwork……………my RE recommends we try an IUI before going full on IVF.


Either way this is going to liquidate our savings account…..well about 2/3 of it anyway.

CD 24 / 4 DPO


BBT: 97.9

CM: Sticky/tacky very scant


Important dates:

12/12/13 going for progesterone bloodwork

12/19/13  if P4 b/w shows ovulation Beta will be drawn.

If pregnant: EDD is 8/28/2014


I’m going to test myself at 12 DPO

If this cycle is failed we have an IUI with injectible meds scheduled for April.  I will be on birth control pills until  April to help resolve some cystic issues on my good ovary.

I’m anxious but not very hopeful. Hubs count came back lower than previous tests (hes been having tests every 6 months). On the 26th DH will be getting another analysis if his count is still low they want to start him on clomid?



We won’t continuing treatment if IVF is our only option, we just honestly won’t have the money to do it. People start talking about affording to start a family most never really think there will be issues.

New Protocol RE added Estradiol

After confirming on CD 34 that I had ovulated P4 was above 25 so RE was satisfied. AF came on the 12th, so I only had an 11 day LP.

I pleaded with him to give me one more chance with Clomid, before moving on to Folistim. He made me wait for CD 3 labs to come back, and he said everything looked ok but he was concerned about the lining factor as this is 6th cycle of Clomid. He added Estrace 2mg X2 day from CD 6 to CD 11 then once ovulation is confirmed progesterone suppositories.